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The Future Will Be Kind To Us, Because We Will Create It.” X 


Satoshi Graphics  

Satoshi Graphics offers original Bitcoin and Blockchain related artworks as both Smartphone Wallpapers and Fine Art prints. With clear communicative designs, we hope to emphasize the human, societal and economic benefits of Bitcoin while supporting innovative decentralized technologies as mediums of exchange.

Satoshi Graphics' wallpapers come in a variety of layouts and resolutions to match your specific screen size, allowing you to share the ideas behind Bitcoin and Blockchain technology in the best possible way to anyone, anywhere, anytime. To complement our Wallpapers, our Fine Art Prints are not only a wonderful way to beautify a room but also to bring the virtues of Bitcoin to a much wider audience, be that in your office, workspace or business. With our prints we use the most advanced printing techniques on 250 g/m2 fine art paper with a matte finish.

Intelligently designed, SATOSHI GRAPHICS’ art highlights the virtues of cryptography and the ideologies of virtual network communities in an informative, meaningful, witty way. We hope you will join us on our artistic journey to inform, educate, entertain, promote awareness and adoption of this phenomenal scientific breakthrough - BITCOIN.

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“The combination of strong, unbreakable public key cryptography and virtual network communities in cyberspace will produce interesting and profound changes in the nature of economic and social systems. Crypto anarchy is the cyberspatial realization of anarcho-capitalism, transcending national boundaries and freeing individuals to make the economic arrangements they wish to make consensually.”

”Crypto Anarchy and Virtual Communities” by Timothy C May, 1994